FN America FN15 Carbine 5.56 – Black – 16″




fn fn15.

fnh fn15, The FN 15 Carbine may be a versatile and reliable tactical rifle.

The rifle may be a chamber

in 5.56 NATO design is to satisfy the high standards of FN’s tactical enforcement line.

This rifle is lightweight providing high-end operational capacity and reliability allowing you to confidently navigate any scenario.

It boasts a collapsible, 6-position stock with sling mount plus an ergonomic safety lever and magazine release.

The FN 15 Carbine features A2-style front sight and a removable carry handle with rear sight for straightforward target acquisition.

The upper receiver chamber is in 5.56mm with a 16-inch button broach chrome-lined barrel and a two-piece,

also, one protective covering, oval handguard for optimal performance.

The receiver may be a hammer forged from aluminum with a kind III hard coat providing the strength

and toughness to face up to the foremost severe abuse and supply maximum corrosion resistance.

In addition, It features the battle-proven FN Combat Trigger with a smooth, short trigger pull and a fast reset for better accuracy.

Furthermore, This rifle comes with a 30-round AR-style aluminum magazine with a low-friction follower for reliable cycling and smooth operation.

Also, If you’re trying to find a rifle with the FN battlefield-tested signature reliability and toughness,

then the FN 15 Carbine may be an excellent spot to start out. fnh fn15


Firstly, Manufactured by FN America
5.56 NATO/ .223
16” button broached chrome-lined barrel
1:7 twist rate
FN Combat Trigger
Secondly, Two-piece, single protective covering, oval handguard
A2-style front sight
Removable carry handle with the rear sight
Collapsible, 6-position stock with sling mount
Ergonomic safety lever and magazine release
Forward assist
30-round AR-style aluminum magazine with low-friction follower

FN America may be a subsidiary of FN Herstal, a worldwide company with a proud, long-standing heritage.

Also, they supply the very best quality,

innovative firearms.fnh fn15

Furthermore, With an over 127-year history, Fabrique Nationale stands at the cutting-edge of economic,

law enforcement, and military weapons.fnh fn15

Lastly, FN America’s firearms are put to check before leaving the factory to form sure reliability to make sure that the merchandise you receive

will work once you need it to. fnh fn15


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