357 Magnum 100 Grain Pow’R Ball CORBON JHP Capped – 20 Rounds



COR-BON 357 Magnum 100 Grain Pow’R Ball JHP Capped – 20 Rounds

Pow’R Ball is a growing, jacketed lead slug, covered with a polymer ball. This shot plan gives amazing controlled extension and preferable entrance over a customary jacketed empty point with the taking care of unwavering quality of a hard ball.

The one of a kind Pow’R Ball configuration helps in high energy move that produces prevalent halting force. Pow’R Ball won’t get stopped by substantial dress and can undoubtedly enter windshield glass or light sheet metal. This ammo will give you trust in a basic circumstance. Recuperated shots from test medium have a high weight maintenance.

Type: 357 Magnum

Slug Weight: 100 Grain

Slug Style: Pow’RBall JHP Capped

Gag (Velocity): 1450fps.

Gag (Energy): 467ftlbs.

Made in the U.S.A. by Cor-Bon


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