30-30 WINCHESTER 150 1000Rds


Caliber: .30-30 Winchester
Number of Rounds: 500
Bullet Type: RN interloc american whitetail
Bullet Weight: 150 grain




Purchase Hornady .30-30 Winchester 150

INTERLOCK BULLETS: The American Whitetail Ammunition InterLock projectiles include uncovered lead tips for controlled extension and hard-hitting terminal execution. Slugs utilized in American Whitetail ammo include our spearheading secant ogive plan and selective InterLock ring – a raised ring inside the coat that is implanted in the projectile’s center that keeps the center and coat bolted together during development to hold mass and energy.

POWDERS: Loaded to regular speeds, the powder is coordinated to each heap for ideal pressing factor and consistency, guaranteeing each heap is viable with quick-firing rifles too.

CASE AND PRIMER: Like all Hornady ammo, our American Whitetail adjusts utilize the best cases and groundworks accessible. Reliable parts mean steady shooting in the field.

The Hornady InterLock slug is intended to be an overwhelming chasing projectile and nothing less. The InterLock Ring, An American Whitetail Ammunition Hornady restrictive, guarantees that the hard-alloyed lead center and tightened coat remain bolted together during extension. The subsequent slug holds more mass, energy, and force after effect and moves that energy into the objective. It is this dependable halting force that has acquired the InterLock and overall standing as a slug for the genuine tracker. This ammo is new creation, non-destructive, in fighter prepared, reloadable metal cases.

Type: .30-30 Winchester

Number of Rounds: 500

Shot Type: RN interlock American whitetail

Shot Weight: 150 grain

Preliminary Location: Centerfire


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